Iphone 11Pro Launch In India

The new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11pro launch has been made by the Apple company.

Today we will tell you what is new on the iPhone 11pro and the purchase is worth it or not.

New In iPhone 11pro

In the new iPhone 11pro apple company give 3 camera. in the backside has 3 camera 1st camera is for wide, second for ultra-wide, third for normal.

4k video shooting with all camera and front and back. you know the clarity of iPhone mobile. yes, iPhone 11 pro has a clear camera and zoom out and zoom in features.

Features of iphone11pro

  • New finishes: space grey, gold, silver, midnight green.
  • fast charger with 18W adapter.
  • All-day battery life. [ 4 hours more battery than the iPhone X.]
  • iPhone with 12 megapixels wide camera.
  • Also12 megapixels telephoto camera.
  • 12 megapixels ultra-wide camera.
  • 4k dynamic range video.
  • 12 megapixels front camera with slomo selfies.

Launch In India

The iPhone 11 Pro will be launched in India very soon, the news is that from 20 September mobile sales will be in India.

iPhone 11pro Sell Online vie Amazone Or Flipcart. on the 20 Sept

The New Mobile Of Apple Company is iPhone 11pro and the mobile speed is very fast. CEO of Apple Talk us that the New iPhone Will be Superfast And superfast Charging.

Price in India

  • Apple iPhone 11 (64gb) Rs. 64,900
  • Apple IPhone 11 (128gb) Rs. 70,500
  • Apple iphone x Rs. 65,000
  • Apple iphone XR Rs. 50,000
  • iphone 7 plus Rs. 48,000
  • Apple iphone 7 Rs. 30,000
  • Appple iphone XS Rs. 82,00
  • Apple iphone8 Rs. 52,000

Now how will iPhone get cheap in India?

So as we have just received the news that now Apple iphone will be cheap in India. So how to get this phone cheap in India ??

CEO of Apple company told that he will open Apple company in India. Towards south India. GST has come to India, that is why there is not enough GST to sell mobile to Apple company in India.

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