Gbwhatsapp features

How to download WhatsApp Status?

Now there is two option

first, if you are using normal WhatsApp then download status downloader from play store.

In the second option, you don’t need to download the WhatsApp status downloader from the play store. You can download WhatsApp status from WhatsApp itself. But for this, you have to download Whatsapp Gb because normal WhatsApp have does not have a feature like this.

Now if you have downloaded WhatsApp then follow these steps to download WhatsApp status.

  1. Install Downloaded GbWhatsApp apk.
  2. Set all things like a normal WhatsApp.
  3. Now as go on WhatsApp status which you want to download
  4. Now You will see the download arrow icon on the lower-right side of that status.
  5. Tap on it. Now you have successfully downloaded WhatsApp status.

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