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How to Hide double ticks?

if you want to hide double ticks on messages sent by your contacts then Follow these steps but before following steps, I want to clearly mention that normal WhatsApp does not have a feature like”hide double tick”. So please first download WhatsApp Gb if you have no understanding about this then read about WhatsApp Gb. now I think you have downloaded GbWhatsApp.

Now follow these steps to hide double tick.

Steps to be followed to hide double ticks.

  1. Install Downloaded GbWhatsApp apk
  2. Set all things like a normal WhatsApp.
  3. Now click on the 3-dots icon on the GbWhatsApp home screen.
  4. Click on Fouad Mods.
  5. Now List of settings appeared.
  6. Click on Privacy and Security.
  7. Scroll down, you will see an option “Contacts”
  8. Click on it. A list will appear.
  9. Click on Hide double tick.
  10. Now you are done

Now if anyone will send you a message then only a single tick will be visible to them whether you got their message or not. For them, you have not received their messages yet in your WhatsApp.

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