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how to make a free virtual invitation for WhatsApp?

hey, do you want to create a free invitation card for you your birthday party or maybe for your anniversary. You can create your virtual invitation with two simple methods.

first is by some mobile apps

second is by some invitation maker website.

Note I am only teaching you to make virtual invitations by your android or apple mobile. i am not talking about pc. In pc, you can create an invitation card with help of adobe photoshop.

now comes to our topic.

If you want to make a free virtual invitation for WhatsApp by the app then follow these steps

  1. Go to your play store or apple store,
  2. Search Invitation Card Maker
  3. You will see many apps like canvas etc.
  4. Select according to your preference or ratings.
  5. Install and make your invitation card by filling up some small details like your name, date of birth for like a birthday invitation card.
  6. Click on the share button. Select WhatsApp and share it
  7. If there is no share button then simply save created invitation cards to the gallery and then share it by WhatsApp to your WhatsApp groups or contacts.

If you want to make a free virtual invitation for WhatsApp by a website then follow these steps

  1. Search on google “free virtual invitation maker”
  2. Click on your choice website
  3. Select your invitation card type like birthday or anniversary etc.
  4. Fill your details.
  5. Click on generate.
  6. Save your generated invitation card to the gallery.
  7. Share it with your WhatsApp contacts

Now if you want to send your free invitation card to more people then download WhatsApp Gb. In which you can send your invitation card up to 250 contacts in one click.

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