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How to Remove Forwarded Tag?

Forward tag is a tag that appeared on forwarded message which means it is forwarded not originally written by the sender for a particular receiver. But whats if you can remove this annoying Forward Tag? but here is a problem you can not remove forward tag on your normal WhatsApp because it is against the rules of WhatsApp and WhatsApp does not have an option like “Disable Forward Tag” but one app has which name is WhatsApp Gb. If

you are not aware of WhatsApp Gb then first read about WhatsApp Gb and its installation process. Now if you have downloaded Gbwhatspp then we can proceed further.

You need to follow these steps to Remove Forward Tag in your WhatsApp(GbWhatsApp).

steps to be followed to Remove Forward Tag

  1. Open downloaded the app and set your detail everything like normal WhatsApp.
  2. Now click on the 3-dots icon on the GbWhatsApp home screen.
  3. Click on Fouad Mods.
  4. Now List of settings appeared.
  5. Click on Privacy and Security.
  6. Now you will see “Disable Forwarded”
  7. Click on it to enable.
  8. Now you are done. Now it will allow you to resend messages without forwarded tag

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