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hello guys, DO you want to get extra pro features in WhatsApp. If yes, then you are in the right place. I am going to tell you about an Apk named WhatsApp Gb which has extra pro features like hide online status, hide last seen, show always online, delete a message up to 100 days, increased forward limit up to 250 contacts( which is normally 5 in normal WhatsApp), put the story up to 5 minutes and many more features besides from normal WhatsApp where you can only hide last seen by Read Receipts.

you can download WhatsApp Gb Apk from our official GbWhatsApp website.
By downloading the latest new version of WhatsApp Gb Apk, you are free to use premium features of GbWhatsApp. With new WhatsApp Gb Apk, your account will also be not banned by WhatsApp. It is safe to use but always as a secondary WhatsApp account.

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What is WhatsApp Gb?

Gb Whatsapp App Download

WhatsApp Gb is a powerful modified version of normal WhatsApp Apk. GbWhatsApp gives you lots of extra James bond type features. There are some really very cool features in WhatsApp Gb like hide your online status so no one can see that you are online but you are actually online.

GbWhatsApp Apk updated regularly and its famous version was Gb WhatsApp 8.20 but the new version WhatsApp Gb 8.26 is introduced in which some issues of Gb WhatsApp 8.20 resolved.

That sounds cool but Gb WhatsApp Apk features are not limited here. If you want to show your friends and this world your last seen 1 year or say 2 years ago, you can also show it with its “freeze last seen” feature available in WhatsApp Gb updated version.

In WhatsApp Gb updated version, There are some changes in WhatsApp Gb 2019 updated version. Some features are removed like auto-reply features because of the terms and policy of WhatsApp.
We will discuss below all those hidden extra features of Gb WhatsApp. You can also use this app in your ios iphone by emulator methods.

WhatsApp Gb updated Status Pro Features

  1. you can “hide view status” where your contact will not know that you have seen their status.
  2. you can see deleted status by GbWhatsApp anti-delete status feature.
  3. you can download your contact’s status by “download status” option right bottom corner of the WhatsApp Gb Apk.
  4. you can put WhatsApp status up to 255 characters.
  5. you can put the story up to 5 minutes long.

GbWhatsApp pro chat Features

  1. you can see deleted messages by your contacts in both personal chat and groups with anti delete messages feature.
  2. you can show blue tick after your reply in WhatsApp Gb Apk.
  3. You can hide blue tick, hide second tick, Hide blue microphone, Hide typing and Hide recording in both personal chat and groups.
  4. you can easily go to the first message.
  5. you can Export chat.
  6. you can send high-quality pictures in the latest GbWA.
  7. You can customize font, wallpaper, background, and many more things.

Gb WhatsApp new version privacy Pro Features

Do you use third-party Apks to lock your WhatsApp? but in Gb WhatsApp new version you don’t have to download a separate Apk to lock Gb WhatsApp because GbWhatsApp Apk has an inbuilt Apk locker.

If you want to secure your chat but not able to secure your chat in WhatsApp Apk then download WhatsApp Gb updated new version because it has a “lock chat” feature which gives you the power to set passwords to lock your private chat.

But magic doesn’t stop here if you wish to hide your private and personal chat then you can do this by “hide chat” feature available in GbWhatsApp.

What if you don’t want to see your private person name then you can use the password on your chat feature where you can see chat or person name only after putting right passwords. password type may be a pattern or pin.

WhatsApp Gb Apk Premium Features

I am listing some of the best premium type features offered by GbWhatsApp Apk

Gb Whatsapp App features

1. Instagram like stories section:-

by using this feature you can see stories on the upper section of your main Gb WhatsApp home screen with circled boundaries like Instagram stories.

This feature gives premium looks to the GbWhatsApp Apk. I suggest you use this option. I personally recommend this Instagram like stories feature.

This feature is not enabled by default you have to enable “Instagram like stories” feature from the GbWhatsApp setting.

2. Airplane Mode in WhatsApp Gb:-

using this mode disable internet connectivity in only your GbWhatsApp Apk means neither your message can be sent nor any message can be received but you can surf the internet and use the internet in other Apks.

By default it is disabled but you can enable airplane mode by tapping the right upper icon of a crossed airplane icon. When it is an active mode, a cross from the airplane icon will remove.

3. Message a Number:-

With this feature, you can directly call and message a number without adding contacts in your phonebook.
It is very easy to use the “message a number” feature in the WhatsApp Gb updated new version of 2020.

To use this feature, click on the upper-right corner 3 dot icon and there you can find this feature.

4. Starred Messages:-

if you love to save messages and other media like pics and videos then this feature is for you by using this option you can find your starred messages in one place.

You can find the Starred messages option by just tapping on three dots icon.
by this feature, you can specify who can call you and who can not call you.

5. Call privacy

This feature is useful to avoid unnecessary voice and video calls from unknown contacts. This is a safety feature in the new Gb WhatsApp version.

If you select everyone then everyone can make calls you, if you select my contacts then only your saved contacts are able to make calls to you, if enable “select contact” you can specify contacts who can call you, and if you select “Nobody” then no one can make calls to you.

6. Hide media from the gallery:-

you can use this feature to hide your media files from the gallery where media files can’t be viewed from your Android or iPhone’s gallery.

In this feature, you get some options like if you want to only hide photos then you can select it and WhatsApp photos will not be more seen in the gallery and the same you can do for videos and Gifs file.

7. Online Toast feature:-

This feature is enabled by default. by using this feature you can see who is online even you are not using WhatsApp or using WhatsApp.

this feature allows pop up a message that “mr.escobar or miss Pablo” is online on your Android or iPhone’s screen so you can know their online presence. because you have not to go to the chat section to see that they are online or not.

You can disable it from the WhatsApp Gb Apk setting.

8. Sidebar online status:-

by this feature, you can see their online presence on the right side of their name from the WhatsApp Gb Apk home screen.

so you do not need to go in chat to see they are online or not.

9. Search web Feature:-

in this feature, you can search for images in your latest Gb WhatsApp new version.

you can find a search web feature in the chat section’s right side upper 3 dot icon where you can search image and send them to your contacts.

All search results are powered by the bing.

10. Delete For Everyone:-

Now Delete For Everyone limit is Increased to 100 days so you can delete your message anytime between 100 days.

11. Story Limit:-

Story Limit is increased to 5 minutes per status so you can put now 5-minute long status in GbWhatsApp Apk.

WhatsApp Gb Apk Up to Date service policy

GbWhatsApp updates regularly by its developer. In these updates, some issues are fixed and some new features are given.

There is a lot of other modified WhatsApp like FMWhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, WhatsApp plus, OG WhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero, WhatsApp Gb transparent, WhatsApp Gb plus and Gb plus Transparent but Gb WhatsApp Apk is very powerful among them But those Apks have also their own importance. You can also try those above Apks.

Official WhatsApp Gb download

Gb WhatsApp 2020
Download Whatsapp gb apk

Here you can download and install 2020 latest WhatsApp Gb updated version in your android mobiles. This version is the official version of GbWhatsApp released by its developer. The latest version of GbWhatsApp 2020 is “WhatsApp Gb 8.26”.

Note:- If your previous version of Gb WhatsApp Apk is banned or not working then you have to download the latest “ GbWhatApk messenger new version 8.26

App NameGBWhatsApp
Version Name8.26
App Size54.55 MB
Required PlatformAndroid
Required Android Version4.0+
Ratings5 STARS
Last Updated12 Hours Ago
Main featuresHide your privacy

Ratings:- 5 STAR

Why Updated WhatsApp Gb?

GbWhatsApp regularly updates the GbWhatsApp messenger Apk where it offers some new features with a more stable version. It fixes previous version issues and bugs. So to get new features and stable Apk you need to update GbWhatsApp.Sometimes Your GbWhatsApp account is banned due to the old version of your GbWhatsApp messenger Apk so to reactivate your GbWhatsApp account again, you need to update GbWhatsApp to its latest version.

GbWhatsApp provides regularly its anti-ban version so to get the anti-ban version you need to update the GbWhatsApp Messenger Apk.

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Features of Latest “Gb WhatsApp 8.26”

Update date:-18/03/2020
Base Update 2.19.291 – Play Store
[Added] Mark status to show seen means you have seen their status otherwise don’t mark
[Added] Forward limit increased to 250 instead of 5
[Added] Put status up to 5 minute
[Added] Delete For Everyone limit increased to 100 days
[Added] you can directly go on your first message of a particular chat
[Added] we have packed Gb WhatsApp new version with some New emojis [Solved] Status Search issue fixed when Instagram-like story feature is enabled
[Solved] Live Location crashes Fixed
[Fixed] Hidden chats call visible in history
[Fixed] Incorrect status save
[Fixed] Flickering Text On Home Screen
[Fixed] Contact names not showing in Status privacy when you enable Dark theme
[Fixed] Theme issue fixed in Android 10
[Fixed] Chat divider re-Apkear issue solved
[Fixed] In-Chat translation issue fixed
[Fixed] More bug fixes and improvements!

WhatsApp Gb updated version 2020 Extra features

There is a lot of features of GbWhatsApp 2020. Here I am only highlighting a few of them. Here are GbWhatsApp features

Gb Whatsapp Apk latest version
  1. Anti-ban (now you will not get ban from WhatsApp)
  2. Group description at header like status
  3. Online status at the right side of person name(no need to click chat to see online status)
  4. No forward Limit
  5. Download status by one click(no need of third party Apks to download status)
  6. Loaded with Anti delete status feature(You can see deleted status)
  7. Loaded With Anti-delete message feature(you can see deleted message)
  8. customizable themes feature(you can change WhatsAppGb home screen and chat themes)
  9. customizable Apk icon of Gb WhatsApp(you can change the icon of Gb WhatsApp Apk)
  10. Exceed image sending limit from 5 to 90 images per click.
  11. DND feature(by using this you can stop incoming and outgoing messages)
  12. Exceed Document Limit from 30 to 100 documents per click
  13. Swipe to reply
  14. Instagram status look at the header of Gb WhatsApp new version
  15. Set password for Private chats.
  16. Hide chats, hide last seen, freeze last seen.
  17. Hide online status, typing status.
  18. show always online.
  19. set group name up to 35 characters
  20. set WhatsApp status up to 255 characters
  21. Broadcast messages up to 600 people at a time.
  22. Send video up to 50 MB
  23. send audio up to 100 MB
  24. hide double tick on messages
  25. hide blue tick.
  26. enable blue tick only after reply.
  27. Able to filter messages by new and old.
  28. You can direct messages without adding a person’s mobile number from WhatsApp.
  29. get a notification when a person comes online
  30. able to pin chats up to 30
  31. able to add stickers from other 3rd party Apks
  32. packed with new emoji and stickers
  33. Chat counter
  34. You can delete messages between 100 days
  35. You can put status up to 5-minute long

Previous “WhatsApp Gb Apk” versions

V 8.20
V 8.12
V 8.10
V 8.05
V8 Anti-Ban
V7.99 Anti-Ban2
V7.96 Anti-Ban

GbWhatsApp Apk Important information

friends if you are using WhatsApp then you must be aware of these features

1.Backup WhatsApp data
by using this feature you can create backup your WhatsApp data because by chance your WhatsApp Apk deleted then you can keep your data safe and restore this data when you install WhatsApp again.

In WhatsApp Gb, you can create titanium backup. I recommend keeping the backup of your WhatsApp data because if you got banned, you can get your chat and data again.

2.Restore WhatsApp Data
Restore WhatsApp data is used to restore your data from backup files or folder like you are using normal WhatsApp and you want to switch to WhatsApp Gb then what about you all chats and media files? no need to worry you can restore data from old WhatsApp to new GbWhatsApp by using restore WhatsApp data feature.

WhatsApp Gb v/s normal WhatsApp

V/SOfficial WhatsAppGBWhatsApp
Online status hideNoYes
Download StatusNoYes

Guide to install GbWhatsApp new version

  1. first, download WhatsApp Gb 2020 version from our site
  2. now tap on downloaded WhatsApp Gb Apk
  3. allow unknown source (Android Setting – Settings – Security – Unknown Sources)
  4. After installation, open GbWhatsApp Apk
    If you want to restore previous data then click on restore
  5. otherwise, click on agree and continue
    Enter your number a 6 digit OTP will send to your number
  6. submit your OTP and you are done
  7. now write your name, set your profile and now you are ready to use your powerful extra feature-packed WhatsApp.

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GbWhatsApp Apk will get Access to:-

Gb WhatsApp can access phone status and identity
It can receive and send SMS messages
Gb WhatsApp can access Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC
It can access and delete or add Accounts of your phone
It can set passwords on account
It can access your location

Advantage of WhatsApp Gb Apk

  1. packed with extra features
  2. Stable version
  3. Premium feel
  4. cool features
  5. Free of cost
  6. popular Apk

The disadvantage of Gb WhatsApp Apk

  1. it is not official WhatsApp
  2. Sometimes WhatsApp ban your account
  3. Stability issue usually solved by quick updates
  4. Privacy issues
  5. data leaked issues because it is not official

Final Words:-

If you are a normal user then WhatsApp is good for you but you love to explore new things and you like to be smart then GbWhatsApp Apk is for you.

WhatsApp Gb apk is safe for download. You can download WhatsApp Gb new version from the GbWhatsApp site safely. I think you should give a chance to GbWhatsApp.

FAQ to download GbWhatsApp new version? the official latest version of GbWhatsApp Apk from This is the official site.

Q2.I am facing issue while installing this file

ANS.first, allow download from Unknown Sources

for this go to Android Setting – Settings – Security – Unknown Sources

Q3.Is it illegal to GbWhatsApp messenger download?

ANS.No, It is always legal to download GbWhatsApp Apk.

Q4.Why I download WhatsApp Gb messenger?

ANS. If you want some cool features like lock WhatsApp chat, hide online status, hide last seen, download WhatsApp status and do many more cool things then go for it.

Q5.What if I want no WhatsApp account on my number

ANS. If you don’t want WhatsApp account on your mobile number then you can switch your number or you can permanently delete your WhatsApp account.

Q6.What is GbWhatsApp Apk?

ANS.GbWhatsApp is an unofficially modified version of the official WhatsApp Apk which gives you some cool awesome features.

Q7.Why it is not on the play store?

ANS. It is not on the play store because it is a modded version of the official WhatsApp Apk which does not satisfy the guidelines of the Play store.

Q8.What is the latest GbWhatsApp new version?

ANS. The latest version of GbWhatsApp 2020 is Version 8.26 till now which is updated 2 days ago.

Q9.What is special about GbWhatsApp Apk?

ANS. This latest version of GbWhatsApp Apk is an anti-ban Version.

Q10.Is it safe to download GbWhatsApp new version from here?

ANS. obviously yes, you will get an official WhatsApp Apk.

Q11.Can anyone hack GbWhatsApp messenger chats?

ANS. No, because it uses the same server like original WhatsApp use which is highly encrypted and secure.

Q12.What is the main difference between GbWhatsApp and Original WhatsApp?

ANS. The only main difference is GbWhatsApp’s cool extra features.

Q13.Which Apk is better GbWhatsApp or official WhatsApp

ANS. Obviously Gb WhatsApp is better because of its awesome features.

Q14.Will my account be banned if I use GbWhatsApp?

ANS. No, GbWhatsApp regularly updates its Apk.

Q15.What if my GbWhatsApp is Banned?

ANS. If your account is banned then first check that you have the latest new version of GbWhatsApp. If not then download the latest version then your GbWhatsApp will work.

Q16.What if I have the latest GbWhatsApp but still account is banned.

ANS. re-install this Apk and then the ban will remove from your account.

Q17.Can I see anyone’s profile pic by this Apk?

ANS. only your contacts or other contacts who’s profile visibility is enabled for everyone.

Q18.Can I unblock myself from other’s WhatsApp account who have blocked me?


Q19. In Which country, it is excessively used?

ANS. WhatsApp Gb Brazil.

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