GBWhatsApp APK Download (Anti-Ban) Official Update 2024

GBWhatsApp Download

GBWhatsApp APK is an upgraded popular messaging app offers extra features and customization options created by third-party developers. It is a modified version of the official WhatsApp for Android users. No doubt that instant messaging apps like WhatsApp which has over 5 billion downloads on Google Play store are used daily by people like you and me to chat, share photos and videos with family and friends.

GB WhatsApp offers a lot of enhanced functions that you will love to use which is not available in the standard version WhatsApp Inc. For example, you can customize the look and feel of your chat with different themes, fonts, and colors to suit your preferences. It also take care of your privacy by allowing you to hide “Last Seen” status and blue ticks. Moreover, GB WhatsApp loaded with unique feature including message anti-deletion, voice changing during calls, and message scheduling option, giving you more control over your conversations.

So, in case you want to make GBWhatsApp your preferred messaging tool, I will give you all the information and tips that you may need in order to download and use this app on your Android device without any problems!

GB WhatsApp Download

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What’s GBWhatsApp APK

WhatsApp is a very popular and beloved messaging app with cool features but comes with certain limitations. If you’re tired of limitations seen in the official WA and looking for more flexibility, control and customization, you need to download GBWhatsApp (GBWA or GBWhatsApp Pro) on your device.

This modified version gives you customization options and enhanced features that are missed in the official WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp is available for download as APK file. You can enjoy a wide range of additional features and personalize your chatting experience. Best of all, you can run both GBWhatsApp Pro and WhatsApp simultaneously on your device, no need to uninstall the official app.

Download GB WhatsApp

Download GB WhatsApp is an enhanced version of WhatsApp, it has multi features which the original app lacks. Enjoy airplane mode, status saving, bulk image sending option (80 images at once), and 200GB video sharing. You can hide online status, use auto-replies, boost your privacy and more!

Permissions Needed By GB WhatsApp APK

You have to give some permissions which are required by the app during the installation process.

  • Stable Internet Connection for HQ calls
  • Microphone Access to Start Audio Call
  • Camera Access to Start Video Call
  • Access to Contacts
  • Access to Storage
  • Read Messages
GBWhatsApp download

Features of GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp updated 2024 version is feature rich APK messaging app, download the latest version an use all of its unique functions to enhance your privacy and customization on your device. Below are the most important feature that GB WhatsApp offers:

Enhanced Privacy Features

DND Mode / Airplane Mode

DND (Do Not Disturb): Need to take a break from notifications or concentrate on other apps? All you have to do enable DND mode inside GB WhatsApp setting, this will make you appear offline to other users and prevent all the incoming WA notifications, messages and calls while still connected to the internet.

Hide Status View

View other contacts statuses updates in ghost mode without them knowing that you’ve seen them, for a better privacy GB WhatsApp gives you the choice to hide your name from contacts viewers list when you show their statuses.

Block/Restrict Callers

GBWhatsApp APK allows you to restrict callers without blocking them. If you don’t want to receive a call from specific person, just restrict him/her without going offline or using the block option. Go to the calls tab inside the app, identify the person and tap restrict, you will no longer receive calls from this contact but he can send you text messages and voice records inside the chat.

Control Your Online Activity

With GBWhatsApp you can hide your “last seen” status or freeze it at specific time to mask your activity. Just enable this option on GB setting and you will have the choice to hold your last seen status from showing to your contacts. With this powerful feature, you can use GB WhatsApp while your contacts will not know if you’re online or not. Disappear from contacts radar while still using the app.

Show Blue Ticks after Reply

One of the amazing features that GBWhatsApp APK offers is that you can read incoming messages secretly, the sender will only see a single tick on his message. The sender’s message will be delivered to you but he will not see the blue (Double) ticks until you reply on his message, this will increagives you control over your privacy.

Anti-Delete / Anti-Revoke Messages

Feel frustrated when a family member or friend sends you an important message and then deletes it before you read it? Don’t worry, GBWhatsApp Anti-Revoke Messages feature lets you view all deleted messages. Stay informed and never miss out a message from the sender even if he delete the message from both sides.

Hide Contact Names

If you are with group of people taking with a private person and don’t want anyone to see his/her name, GB WhatsApp APK lets you hide contact names on screens easily. This will maintain your conversations anonymous especially in public places.

App and Chat Lock

With GBWhatsApp you don’t have to download extra app lockers because it has a powerful built-in app locker. Just go to the setting and assign a password,pattern or fingerprint to lock your entire app or chat. You can also lock individual chats ensuring that you are the only one that have access to the most sensitive conversations.

Hide Your Profile Picture

GB WhatsApp takes your privacy to the next level, you hide your profile picture, status and your online activity from specific contacts. It’s the #1 app in the communication category which offers this awesome and unique features.

Customization Features

More Than 4,000 Themes

GBWhatsApp allows you to customize the entire app’s appearance with over 4,000 themes. With this amazing app, you can try different layouts including the iOS layout on your Android device. Plus, you can also change the default app icon shape and color. Tweak even the smallest details of the app like double tick and make it unique.

Extra Emojis and Stickers

Download GB WhatsApp APK now and enjoy a world of fun with its added vast collection of emoji and stickers not found in the official app. Add personality to your messages in a unique style. Be creative!

More Beautiful Fonts

Bored with the same old style fonts? GBWhatsApp presents a fresh, eye catching fonts to let change the style of your chats and express your personality in the messages. It’ll feel like a complete new and premium app!

Change Chat Colors

By using this cool app, you can change the old look and feel of WhatsApp. Customize the entire chat appearance by changing chat screen colors, header colors, contact colors and more. Design and tweak colors as you want.

All in One GB Setting

GBWhatsApp offers a new level of customization and control, inside the app you will find both GB setting an WhatsApp setting. With this setting you can customize the app’s appearance, control your privacy and access a lot of features. Download it and experience a real personalized WhatsApp.

Additional Features

One Time View

For more privacy, users can send photos and videos with one time view. The recipient can view your message once an after specific time it expires and disappear from the chat. When you send a view once message via chat, the recipient isn’t allowed to take a screenshot, share forward, copy or save it.

Download Statuses

Official app doesn’t allow you to save any status! In this case, you need to download a separate app called “Status downloader”. With GBWhatsApp you don’t have to download any app as it lets you save any status you like in phone’s gallery with its built-in status downloader.

An Improved Translator

Translator is a good feature of GB app. If you’re taking with friends who speak different languages than yours, you can communicate with them easily with GB translator. Contact overseas friends and business clients easily without going to Google translator. It should be noted that the translator available for text messages only.

Scheduled Auto Reply

With GBWhatsApp Mod auto replay, you can set custom scheduled messages and never leave anyone waiting when you’re offline. This feature is useful in case you don’t want to miss special events or birth day wishes, just set a scheduled replay for that specific time and the app will send your message in time.

Fixed Temporary Ban

This bug has been completely fixed in the most recent updated version of the app. Some users reported that they are getting a one minute ban on GB WhatsApp. The developers noted that and have fixed this bug, from now you can use the app normally without facing any ban issues.

Mark Messages Unread

This exclusive feature only available in GBWhatsApp, for better organization you can make mark the incoming messages as “Read” or “Unread” even after reading them. If you receive too many messages and don’t want to miss some of them, then you can mark the messages that you have read for better organization.

No In-App Ads

GB Whatsapp APK lets you enjoy an ad free chatting experience. Despite being a free app, it display no annoying ads inside that could interrupt your conversation with your family and friends. The app interface is intuitive and simple just like the standard WhatsApp.

Online Popup and History Log

Another cool feature of GBWhatsApp is that you will get an online notification popup and green signal when one of your contacts become online. GB app will also maintain a detailed log history of all of your contacts showing how many times those contacts were online in the last 24 hours.

Share Media in HD Quality

GB WhatsApp Download lets you share multiple large files up to 1024MB at once! Send HQ photos and videos without losing quality. Get rid of the official app limits and send multiple images (Up to 90) at same time. Plus, you can share large video clips (50MB) and audio files (100MB).

Text Message Broadcast

This powerful feature in the app lets you send the same text message to a large number of recipients or multiple groups at once. Effortlessly send special offers, updates, promotions, announcements to multiple groups instantly.

Filter and Organize Messages

With GBWhatsApp built-in filter, you can quickly find specific messages and take control over your chats. Search and find specific conversations and information within seconds, you can also sort messages by senders, message type (Text, image, video, etc.), keywords or dates.

Share Your Live GPS Location

GBWhatsApp offers a live location sharing feature that enables you to send your location via GPS to your family and friends easily and let them know where you are. This option is ideal for safety and meetups, send your real-time location within the chat and your friends can track your progress.

Revoke Multiple Messages

If you sent something by mistake and want to delete it, GB WhatsApp lets you easily delete multiple messages at the same time giving you more control over your conversations. Just like the official app, you can use “Delete for everyone” option to recall messages you regret after sending them.

Message History

This powerful messaging app offers a message history option, you can view the history of revoked messages of any of your contacts or groups at any time.

WhatsApp VS GBWhatsApp

FeatureWhatsApp (Official)GBWhatsApp (Modified)
File Size LimitUp to 100 MBUnlimited
Document Sharing Limit30 documents at once100 documents at once
Maximum Group LimitUp to 256 membersUp to 600 members
File Sharing LimitUp to 16MB for documents, 100MB for mediaIncreased limits (up to 700MB, depending on source)
Photo Sharing LimitUp to 30 photosUp to 100 photos
Status CharactersUp to 139 CharactersUp to 255 Characters
CustomizationLimited themes, fontsA library of themes, fonts, customization options
Forward LimitUp to 10 messagesUp to 250 messages
Broadcast RestrictionsUp to 250 ContactsUp to 600 Contacts
Media Sharing DurationUp to 30 SecondsUp to 7 Minutes
Multi Account SupportNoYes
Send Blank MessageNoYes
Anti-Delete (Status/Messages)NoYes
Animated StickersNoYes
Hide Blue TickNoYes
Hide Last SeenNoYes
Auto ReplyNoYes
Extra FeaturesNoneAuto-reply, DND mode, message scheduling and more

Pros and Cons of GB WhatsApp

Just like any other app, GB WhatsApp has pros and cons that you should take into account.

  • It’s 100% free to download application
  • Upload video status length up to 45 seconds
  • It supports all android devices (smartphones & tablets)
  • It’s a relatively safe and secure messaging application
  • It doesn’t consume too much battery energy
  • You can download photos and videos in HD quality
  • It’s user friendly with intuitive interface
  • It supports WhatsApp for Web
  • Still not available for iOS devices, May be developers create a version for iOS soon
  • Stability issues and it may crashes sometimes
  • It doesn’t support fast download and playback
  • You may encounter problem when sharing live location
  • No regular update, make sure to download GB WhatsApp latest version

How To Download & Install GBWhatsApp APK 2024?

Follow the steps below in order to download and install GBWhatsApp APK on your Android device properly.

Things You Should Do Before You Begin:

  1. Storage Space: Make sure your device has enough space for the GBWhatsApp APK file.
  2. Settings: Go to your phone’s Settings, then Security, and enable the “Unknown Sources” option. This will allow installation of apps outside app stores.

Download and Install:

  1. Download: Locate the download button on GBWhatsApp.Mobi, tap to start the download process.
  2. Install: Once download is finished, locate GB WhatsApp APK file in your “Downloads” folder and tap to install.
  3. Launch and Log In: Open the installed GB WhatsApp app and enter your phone number and follow the steps to verify it.
  4. Restore Backup (Optional): If you have previous chats backup, you may be asked to restore them during the setup process.
Install GB WhatsApp ApK

Best Method to Update GBWhatsApp?

As you know GB WhatsApp APK isn’t the official app, so ensure that your GBWhatsApp is up-to-date by downloading the latest version when released. Update require a few manual steps:

  1. Enable Unknown Sources: Go to your device settings and ensure that installing apps “Unknown Sources” enabled.
  2. Check for Updates: Visit GBWhatsApp.Mobi to see if a newer version is available. Updates offer fixes and new features.
  3. Download the APK File: Locate the download button and click/Tap on it to get the latest version of GB WhatsApp APK.
  4. Do Backup (V. Important): Open GBWhatsApp settings and create a backup file of your chats to avoid data loss.
  5. Install: Locate the downloaded APK file using your device file manager. Tap it and confirm to start the installation.
  6. Give Permissions: The app may request new permissions during the update. Check and grant any that are necessary.
  7. Verify and Restore: Once updated, launch GBWhatsApp and verify your phone number as usual. If prompted, restore your backed-up chats. Enjoy!
Update GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp for iPhone (iOS)

GB WhatsApp is a modified app developed exclusively for Android devices, there’s no iOS version available yet. We hope that app devs work on iOS version in the near future. I think it’s nice to see an iPhone version of GB WA. Trust us as the go-to source for all things and information related to GBWhatsApp for Android. We will let you know once GB WhatsApp for iOS is available.

Get Most Out of WhatsApp:

Personalize Your Experience

GBWhatsApp lets you show your creativity with full theme customization. Tweak colors, fonts, look of your chat and the overall app theme easily. Your WhatsApp, your style!

More Privacy Control

Once you get GBWhatsApp on your phone, you can control every aspect of your privacy. The app allows you to play with privacy setting according to your preferences. Privacy options presented in this WhatsApp mod version:

  • Online Status
  • Bluetick
  • Double tick
  • Status of recording
  • Setting of microphone
  • Status of typing
  • Message Scheduling

Share Large Files

If you are facing problem when sending large files with the official WhatsApp switch to GBWhatsApp APK which lets you send large files with ease. Share photos, videos and docs without compression or splitting issues.

What OS This App Supports?

Both Android and iOS devices users can use WhatsApp:

  • Android
  • iOS

Backing Up GB WhatsApp Data

To back up all WhatsApp data (Including chats and media), follow the following 2 methods:

Back up WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp
Method 1: Manual Backup
  1. Open GB WhatsApp: Launch GB WhatsApp on your device.
  2. Tap Settings Menu: It’s 3 dots located in the top right corner.
  3. Go to Chats Tab: Find the “Chats” tab inside the settings.
  4. Tap Chat Backup: Select the “Chat Backup” option.
  5. Create Backup: Tap on “Backup” button to start local GBWhatsApp data backup.
  6. Save the Backup Folder: Locate “GBWhatsApp” folder in your internal storage. Copy this folder to a safe location on your PC, flash disk or cloud storage.
GB WhatsApp Backup
Method 2: Using a Third-Party Tool

There’re many 3rd-party tools specialized in WhatsApp data backup and transfer. You can use these tools to backup and transfer your GBWhatsApp data effortlessly.

  1. Pick a Tool: Download a good tool like iCareFone Transfer or FoneTool.
  2. Download and Install: Download and install your preferred tool on your PC computer.
  3. Connect Your Phone: Using a USB cable, start connecting your Android device to your PC
  4. Follow Instructions: Follow the tool instructions to create a backup of your GBWhatsApp info.

Technical Details of GB WhatsApp APk

App NameGBWhatsApp APK
VersionLatest Version
App Size69 MB
License TypeFreeware
Last Updated1 Day Ago
Requires Android4.0+


What is GBWhatsApp APK?

GBWhatsApp is an alternative mod version to the official WhatsApp with extra features and customization options.

Is GB WhatsApp Safe to Use?

It’s generally safe to use GBWhatsApp, but you should exercise caution while using 3rd-party apps.

Is GBWhatsApp Available for iOS Devices?

No, it’s mainly developed for Android OS with no iOS and iPhone version.

If I want to Backup, can I get Backup data?

Yes, users can easily get a backup data at any time from WhatsApp.

Do I Have To Root My Device Before Using This App?

No, you can run GB WhatsApp without rooting your device.

Can I Use GB WhatsApp Alongside Official WhatsApp?

Yes, you can use both GBWhatsApp and the official WhatsApp on the same device. This will help you in managing different accounts separately.

Why Should I Choose GBWhatsApp Over Official WhatsApp?

As mentioned above, GBWhatsApp APK offers more features, customization and privacy control that are not available in official app. However, it’s important to be careful of the potential security risks involved before downgliding this version.


GBWhatsApp stands out as a top-tier messaging app, it offers extra features, options and improved privacy that are unavailable on official WhatsApp. To enjoy these special features, you have to download this app on your device first. All functions are provided free of charge.